synthPond 2.0 Tutorial from zach on Vimeo.

I just stumbled on this cool little iPhone app call Synthpond. As the creator Zach Gage (cool name) explains it, synthPond is a relaxing spatial sequencer and audio toy. I love the cause and effect placement of notes within the “pond” which allows for infinite audible combination. The interface is incredibly minimal yet super effective, there are some lessons to be had here for our UI designers out there.

This is a must download for any audio¬† / synth nerd. Im using the lite version now and having lots of fun with it, I’m sure I will be downloading the full app soon.

I think I have a few electronica friends out there who would love to jack their iPhone into the mixer at one of their live shows and make some ripples in the Pond, that would be fun.

synthPond was built with mobileFrameworks, an iPhone related c++ library for artists

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