Magma Book (UK)

If you in London and love art and design books go check out Magma Books. Amazing selection, good vibe. Be prepared to heat up your credit card.

Imagine a shop as a vial in which more or less volatile substances mix to release energy. Ultimately, walking into Magma should be like walking into a thermometer, an instrument indicating ‘where things are at’ at a certain point in time and space. Not because we think so, but as a result of that process, of that retail alchemy: the power of people walking through the door, making suggestions, connecting, rejecting, reacting, interacting, over-reacting. This is the essence of what we do: to try and capture some of that influx and crystallize it into a retail environment.

Magma Clerkenwell
117-119 Clerkenwell Road
London EC1R 5BY
United Kingdom

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