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As some of you may or may not know, I’m kind of a watch collector, or just a watch NUT. I love everything about these little mechanical devices, there is something about having a tiny well engineered device around your wrist.  My passion for wrist watches  has pushed me to research different well known and sometimes obscure brands out there.

Over the past few months I have been looking around to see if you could actually purchase an automatic watch for under $1000 and still have it meet my new strict, economic meltdown, recession proof criteria.  This criteria would be: Affordable, well built, the right size, modern design details, and a bit of good story from the watch makers and their products.

There were several names that came up during my search but only one seriously cought my eye and that was Lum-Tec, a US based family run company that takes watch making and deign to a personal level. Lum-Tec watches are made from high quality movements and parts from around the world, then assembled here in the US.  All of their watches are designed in the US and are released in limited amounts.

Although Lum-Tec has many interesting models to choose from, the B2 stood out to me the most. With a well crafted stainless steel, bead blasted PVD finish, the case has a tough and durable feel to it.  The big, bright face is easy to read and although this watch was design with a vintage military feel, the face and hand design is a bit more evolved, incorporating a crisp modern typeface that showcases LumTec’s GX MDV luminous technology.

I recently pre-ordered one and cant wait to get it. I’m thinking of doing an unboxing video for the blog viewers. Its not something I usually do, but I think it may be fun.

B2 Specs:

* 43mm case excluding crown.

* 316L stainless steel

* SII JAPAN NH25A11J automatic movement.

* Bead blasted PVD finish(B2)

* Bead blasted SS finish (B3)

* New LUM-TEC GX MDV® luminous dial and hands.

* Thick sapphire crystal.

* Double side anti-reflective coatings.

* Threaded case back.

* 100 meter / 330 feet water resistance.

* Leather riveted pilot type strap.

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