Moto – Scalable Multi Touch

Scalable Multi-Touch Prototype from MOTO Development Group on Vimeo.

You thought the iPhones touch screen technology was cool, just wait until the sensitivity factor goes up and the details of human interaction comes alive.

Devices such as the iPhone have begun to scratch the surface of gesture-based software interfaces, yet large, true multi-touch interfaces are still rare, bulky, and expensive.

This recent prototype – a next iteration of labs’ Sensing Screen – promises effortless touch interaction, full multi-touch, a robust glass work surface, low stack height, with comparatively moderate cost.  It does not utilize cameras or projection technology.   This means that in production, this scalable technology could be very thin and very big.  It could sit on legs like any table, or lay on a wall surface like any LCD panel.

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Wow, let me know how that goes, I would love to do something like this some time down the road.

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