If there’s one thing Richard Pasqua likes its alternative bands that have the power to influence generations of music. Joy Division is one of those bands who came to an end before it really began. This post punk band cut the way for many modern rock, alternative, goth, new wave bands.

I was thrilled to see Anton Corbin pay tribute to Ian Curtis and the rest of the Joy Division band in the movie “Control“. In true Anton fashion this movie was beautifully shot, every frame was perfectly composed. The the black and white film stock and well directed lighting gave this film a great broody feeling which perfectly set the tone for the Joy Division music and story.

After the death of Ian Curtis, Peter Hook and Stephan Morris went on to start another one of my favorite bands, New Order.

Richard Pasqua recommends you pick up the album “Unknown Pleasures” from the iTunes store. He also recommends investing in the “International” the best of album from New Order.

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