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    New Errortype Desktop

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    errortype pilot 0001

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    4D Kinematic printing system. Turn any 3D shape into a flexible structure. Nervous systems has developed a very cool piece of technology that allows you to fabricate and make your own products. Check out their easy to use and fun online design tools.  

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    2012 Webby Award Nominee

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    I’m very excited to announce that the University of the Arts in Philadelphia’s website and Siegel+Gale’s website have been selected as 2012 Webby Award nominees. Each project is one of only five nominees selected from the tens of thousands that were submitted, making this an incredibly distinct honor for Siegel+Gale.   As a Webby… Read more »

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      swissted is an ongoing project by graphic designer mike joyce. Drawing from his love of punk rock and swiss modernism, two movements that have (almost) nothing to do with one another, mike has redesigned vintage punk, hardcore, and indie rock show flyers into international typographic style posters. To see more cool posters visit Swissted

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    The Balancing Cube, ETH Zurich

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    This is allot of fun for all you science weenies out there. I can just image all the cool applications this could be tied to in the future. The Balancing Cube can balance on any of its edges or corners. It owes this ability to six rotating mechanisms located on each inner face of the… Read more »

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    Magma Book (UK)

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    If you in London and love art and design books go check out Magma Books. Amazing selection, good vibe. Be prepared to heat up your credit card. Imagine a shop as a vial in which more or less volatile substances mix to release energy. Ultimately, walking into Magma should be like walking into a thermometer,… Read more »

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    Tanya Johnston

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      Beautiful illustration and design from Tanya Johnston. Photograph and basic design elements combines in a unique way.

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    Cellular chair

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    Check out the work of Copenhagen designer, Mathias Bengtsson. He studied furniture design at the Danish College of Design (Danmarks Designskole). In a world of super modern and clean design aesthetics Mathias draws ideas from a more organic place, playing with ideas and materials from nature, and celebrating the organic forms around us and sometimes… Read more »

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    SFMOMA ArtScope

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    Stamen Design just published a new website creation that interfaces with SFMOMA’s huge art database. Faced with the challenge of providing a way to navigate through upwards of 3,500 works in the museum’s collection, the Stamen Design team decided to create a visual browsing tool that let users see all of the images at once,… Read more »

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    Balancing Blocks

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    Beautiful balancing blocks for kids or adults. I think I will make these one of my permanent office toys very soon. These Balancing Blocks are hand made in Brooklyn from re-purposed hardwood scrap collected from local furniture shops.

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    One Thousand Cranes

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      Developed by creative studio Anomaly, this beautiful multimedia project allows users to, donate, download, print and fold an origami crane in support of Japan. Help each artist meet their donation goals. Get your crane and pass this along. Artists have created beautiful designs that can be made into origami cranes. A donation to the… Read more »

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    Blade Runner – Tears in Rain (in LEGO)

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    One of the best scenes in Blade Runner, as seen through the eyes of Lego’s.