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    Concept Bike

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    Here’s a very interesting concept road bike, designed by¬† Bradford Waugh, a product designer fro Philadelphia, PA. I love he spokeless rims system and crank system, well done

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    Spore is here!

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    The fine folks over at EA games and Maxis have finally release the eagerly anticipated game “Spore”, well just the creature creator is available so far, but you can register for the complete game now. My custom creature is posted above. What is Spore you ask? With Spore you can create and nurture your very… Read more »

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    If there’s one thing Richard Pasqua likes its alternative bands that have the power to influence generations of music. Joy Division is one of those bands who came to an end before it really began. This post punk band cut the way for many modern rock, alternative, goth, new wave bands. I was thrilled to… Read more »