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    Having two kids of my own now makes me look at children’s entertainment and toys in a whole new way. A friend of mine recently introduced me to PlanToys, a toy company that pays as much attention to the environment as they do design. They specialize in creating safe toys and activities for children preschool… Read more »

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    Scottish Design + LEGO

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    RMJM one of the worlds leading architecture firms submits their entry to the 2009 Scottish Design Awards, Lego project. The rules are simple, submit design plans and a fully rendered Lego structure that demonstrates a new and creative way of viewing affordable housing. This project would certainly make my nephew Jimmy proud. The RMJM website… Read more »

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    April Fools from Joshua Davis + Praystaion

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    Every year as an April fools joke, Joshua Davis re-posts his old school Praystation concept site. This is a site from many many years ago that has that gritty early 90s gamer boy glitch graphic feel.. This year he posts Praystation Version 0. The first installment of chaos, graphics, code and games. I was part… Read more »

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    BMW Art Cars

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    Grand Central Station is hosting a BMW art car exhibit where they are showing off four cars designed by Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg. This is a great show for the art lovers and gears heads too. For the mid century modern art fans this is a rare treat. Each cars… Read more »

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    Braun Design

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    I do love the influence Braun has had on Apple products, I also happen to be a big fan of their shavers. I had this very one, years ago. One of their finest shaver designs ever. I have the newest Braun shaver now but this design is so simple and perfect I couldn’t let it… Read more »

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    Cooper Union – A New Look for The Next 150 Years

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    Cooper union, one of the most prestigious arts and sciences colleges in the country has re-branded themselves as a part of their 15o year celebration. Stephen Doyle a well known alumni of Cooper Union created the new mark and says the the new logo represents the union of art and science. I think it works… Read more »

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    Are you a designer who remembers the days of PANTONE color chips and swatches? Well, if you never had the pleasure of working with color charts, Exacto knives and waxing machines that’s OK, you just need a love for BIG COLOR to appreciate these fun collectible posters. Our friends at 26×20 are selling these beautiful… Read more »

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    I do believe the the good folks at the MIT media lab have done it again. The latest project to come out of the lab is siftables. Created by David Merrill and Jeevan Kalanithi, Siftables are cookie-sized computers with motion sensing, neighbor detection, graphical display, and wireless communication. This is one of the more intersting… Read more »

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    BMW Kinetic Sculpture

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    This is a beautiful Kinetic sculpture at the BMW museum, just one of the many examples of how BMW is always combining art and design in to everything they do. This is a mechatronic installation by ART+COM, the Berlin-based interactive media company.  The installation cycles through classic and contemporary BMW car shapes from throughout BMW’s… Read more »

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    Poster Boy

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    If you live in NYC and ride the subways chances are you have seen posterboys handy work. This is the part of New Yorks street art scene that makes me smile. For years living and commuting in New York I have had an overwhelming desire to do this myself. I think its a new form… Read more »

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    3D artist | maxim zhestkov

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    I’m realy liking Maxim zhestkov’s 3D work, the visuals are subtle and elegant yet powerful.  He frequently collaboartes with the Universal Everything guys.

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    Art Films for Nokia

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    Universal Everything created this wonderful work of motion art for Nokia’s Art Films called Beautiful connections.  In short its an operatic film which lends human characteristics to abstract forms. If you ask me it looks like something Stanley Kubrick would have done. Directed by Matt Pyke, 3D animation by Maxim Zhestkov, Music composed by Simon… Read more »