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    AIGA Bright Lights

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    I recently attended the AIGA Bright Lights Awards ceremony last week. The AIGA honored 2010 AIGA Medalists Steve Frykholm, John Maeda and Jennifer Morla—as well as Method and Tiffany & Co., recipients of the 2010 AIGA Corporate Leadership Award. John Maeda giving his acceptance speech The evening started with a fashion show. Me and John… Read more »

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    Doouble Exposure

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    The work of DΛN MOUNTFORD Beautiful double exposure work, check out some of his other works on Flickr. Check out his online print store.

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    Cellular chair

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    Check out the work of Copenhagen designer, Mathias Bengtsson. He studied furniture design at the Danish College of Design (Danmarks Designskole). In a world of super modern and clean design aesthetics Mathias draws ideas from a more organic place, playing with ideas and materials from nature, and celebrating the organic forms around us and sometimes… Read more »

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    Unevolved Brands

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      Here’s a fun little branding game designed by Graham Smith. Graham is a logo designer who created a fun little branding game called Unevolved Brands. Reducing a logo to just a series of coloured circles, how many can still be recognised? Logo and brands that have strong and unique colours, as well as strong… Read more »

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    OK, I love iTunes but I have to admit I have been waiting for an audio application that would serve up what I want to hear based on my mood. Moodagent is a clever application developed by Syntonetic that lest users define what music you want your iPhone to play based on your mood. Features… Read more »

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    Self charging cell phone

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    This cell phone concept from design student Patrick Hyland uses a Heat-conductive charging system to energize itself. Imagine having a phone that will charge in your pocket or in your hand. No more chargers to deal with, and it would be much more eco-friendly. Lets get this technology to market!

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    The iPhone Telephoto Lens

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    OK, this marries the shutterbug / iPhone nerd in me. At only $35 for the iPhone 3Gs or the iPhone 4 this little set up cost almost as much as some of those designer cell phone cases. Go pick one up at Photojojo. Each lens comes with a case and a mini-tripod. Just make sure… Read more »

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    SFMOMA ArtScope

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    Stamen Design just published a new website creation that interfaces with SFMOMA’s huge art database. Faced with the challenge of providing a way to navigate through upwards of 3,500 works in the museum’s collection, the Stamen Design team decided to create a visual browsing tool that let users see all of the images at once,… Read more »

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    Mad Fiber

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    Whether your on your old Schwinn cruising around town or your a pro riding weight weenie you will appreciate these new carbon fiber wheel sets made by Mad Fiber. These super light beauties are hand made in Seattle and boasts a virtual no weight limit. The production process is fascinating, check out the video…  … Read more »

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    Balancing Blocks

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    Beautiful balancing blocks for kids or adults. I think I will make these one of my permanent office toys very soon. These Balancing Blocks are hand made in Brooklyn from re-purposed hardwood scrap collected from local furniture shops.

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    One Thousand Cranes

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      Developed by creative studio Anomaly, this beautiful multimedia project allows users to, donate, download, print and fold an origami crane in support of Japan. Help each artist meet their donation goals. Get your crane and pass this along. Artists have created beautiful designs that can be made into origami cranes. A donation to the… Read more »

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    A rare look inside Pixar studios

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    I wish this was longer and more in depth. Enjoy!